Explosion Proof Sensor Assembly for Combustible Work Sites

In combustible work sites, explosion proof sensor assemblies are vital components to ensure the safety of personnel. 

Explosion Proof Sensor Assembly for Combustible Work Sites - Otis Instruments

Utilizing explosion proof units can properly monitor atmospheric conditions, detect volatile compounds and unsafe sections of a facility, and help reduce all-around exposure to dangerous environments.

Within a sensor assembly, the explosion proof feature allows operations at a work site to be more productive, while offering peace of mind for individuals at the front lines conducting hands-on tasks. Explosion proof units are typically protected by a stainless steel or aluminum enclosure for protection against outdoor elements.

Explosion proof gas detection devices provide operators with around-the-clock surveillance and monitoring capabilities of confined spaces, as well as industrial buildings and flammable sites–allowing a quick response to the gases detected for the prevention of accidents or injury.  

While applications for explosion proof sensor assembly compliancy vary across a wide range of industry sectors, units can be used as both a permanent monitoring device or in a portable manner.

Explosion Proof Sensor Assembly for Combustible Work Sites - Otis Instruments

Otis Instruments, Inc. offers wired explosion proof sensor assemblies that use an electrochemical, infrared, catalytic bead or photoionization detector sensor element to detect a variety of gases for combustible work sites. 

In addition, Otis offers wireless, or WireFree, explosion proof sensor assemblies capable of detecting a variety of toxic or combustible gases–reporting once a minute for a continuous monitoring solution. 

While remaining Class I Division I Groups C & D Certified, the sensor assemblies from Otis Instruments contain magnetic switches for non-intrusive calibration while in the field, as well as full system settings and diagnostics­–ensuring a customizable safety solution for all industries. 

To learn more explosion proof sensor assemblies for your application, contact us today, or view our series of both wired and WireFree explosion proof sensor assemblies.