Choosing Flame Detection for Industrial Safety

In the oil and gas industry, as well as in a wide range of other hazardous process and manufacturing industries, flame detection equipment is essential in preventing catastrophic fires and ensuring industrial safety.

Choosing Flame Detection for Industrial Safety - Otis Instruments

To choose an appropriate flame detection system for an application, personnel must consider process and site performance requirements–aiming to mitigate associated hazards.    

Flame detectors are designed to detect the absorption of light at specific wavelengths, allowing them to discriminate between flames and false alarm sources. Flames are characterized by the emission of ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation, which specialized flame detectors can optimally identify.


Ultraviolet (UV) flame detection offers quick response and high-performance sensitivity at comparatively short ranges. Because these units are susceptible to certain lighting, they are likely to be sited indoors. However, they are well-suited for high temperature industrial applications. 


The integration of ultraviolet and infrared sensors offers dual capabilities that provide fire detection for a broad range of fuels with a single unit. With an enhanced immunity, a combined UV and IR flame detector provide a moderate speed of response. These units are suited for both indoor and outdoor use.

Multi-Spectrum Infrared

Choosing Flame Detection for Industrial Safety - Otis Instruments

Multi-Spectrum IR flame detectors can improve differentiation of flame sources from non-flame background radiation. Suited in both indoors and outdoors, these units are ideal for locations where combustible gases produce smoky fires. Within industrial environments, high immunity to infrared radiation is exhibited. 

Otis Instruments, Inc. offers UV, UV/IR and Multi-Spectrum Infrared flame detectors designed to detect unwanted fires and output appropriate alarm information, within any industry. 

All fire detectors by Otis Instruments offer a Patented Fire Event Analysis (FEA) algorithm for superior false-alarm immunity.

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