The Importance of Gas Detection Training for Worksite Safety

To fully depend upon gas detectors to properly identify potential hazards within the workplace, users must acquire specific knowledge about their gas detection systems–driving worksite safety upward. 

A structured gas detection training program, both hands-on and remote, enables worksite supervisors and personnel to be trained in equipment usage, performance, maintenance and performing light repairs.  

Without proper or regular maintenance, gas detectors may easily fall out of calibration and produce inaccurate readings. This is dangerous, as an inaccurate reading may lead to hazardous levels of toxic gas exposure.

Therefore, attending courses and programs is essential to understanding specific maintenance that needs to be performed to certain equipment, as well as recognizing when complete replacement is necessary. 

As gas detection technology becomes more complex, the importance of system training has heightened. Failure to thoroughly train workers to use and maintain gas detection equipment may have consequences for personal and communal safety.

Within many industries, safety improvement of gas detection systems is a recurring concern and effort. Properly trained workers and responders and well-maintained gas detection equipment can assist in the protection of personnel, worksites and facilities. 

At Otis Instruments, safety while handling our products is a top priority.  

Otis Instruments offers a three-day, hands-on complete product technical in-person training course of all current purchasable, Gen I & Gen II products for the distributors and end users of Otis products. 

In addition, Otis Instruments offers a complete product technical remote training program of all current purchasable products for users from anywhere in the world. Remote training programs allow users to become certified to calibrate and install Otis Instruments products.

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