Fixed Gas Detection for Continuous Monitoring

Fixed gas detection systems aim to provide end users with a continuous air quality monitoring solution, as they detect the presence of toxic and combustible gases around the clock. 

If atmospheric hazards appear to be chronically present within an area that workers enter routinely, implementing fixed gas detection equipment may be appropriate to ensure worksite safety through continuous monitoring.

In addition to continuous monitoring, fixed gas detectors provide other benefits, including worker protection, reduced maintenance cost-effectiveness, and fulfillment of applicable codes and regulations.  

Fixed gas detectors can provide early warning of hazardous gases through alarms, allowing workers adequate time to evacuate an affected area. 

Whether it’s an entire facility or only certain areas that are affected due to poor ventilation or the presence of confined spaces, fixed gas detection systems are ideal monitoring structures regardless of the physical nature of an affected area. 

At Otis Instruments, our goal is safety. Otis offers an array of fixed gas detection products capable of providing continuous monitoring and the accurate detection of toxic gases within an area or facility. 

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