Portable Monitors for Personal Safety

Whether for single or multiple gas monitoring within an application, portable monitors help ensure the personal safety of workers in the field. Compact and lightweight, these monitors offer fast and reliable detection from the risks of toxic and flammable gases.

Portable Monitors for Personal Safety - Otis Instruments

When utilizing portable monitors for personal safety, additional benefits include:

  • Real-time gas readings
  • Real-time battery readings
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Data-logging capabilities
  • Easy to maintain servicing and calibration
  • Easy implementation
  • Adjustable alarm set-points
  • Visual or audible alarms
  • Simple, one-handed operation
  • Increased safety

The OI-315 personal, portable monitor from Otis Instruments is a personal safety device designed to detect the presence of toxic gases in ambient air. When activated, the shock-protected monitor continuously monitors ambient air for the presence of H2S, CO or O2, and alerts the user to unsafe exposure with visual or audible alarms.

These monitors are ideal gas detectors for industrial applications, such as steelworks, petrochemical plants, shipbuilding yards, sewage treatment plants, power supply works and confined spaces.

Incorporating an alligator clip that allows it to be worn in the field at all times, Otis Instruments’ portable monitors ensure the personal safety of personnel within any industry.

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