Best Placement of a Gas Detection System

Whether in chemical plants, laboratory environments, wastewater management facilities, or on a construction site, gas detection systems play an important role in protecting the safety of working personnel. 

Best Placement of a Gas Detection System - Otis Instruments

Because gas detection systems perform a number of reliable functions, implementation is necessary for every industry. However, to ensure the systems are used efficiently and are providing accurate measurements, proper placement is a vital characteristic to consider.

Prior to installing a gas detection system, consideration should be given to the following items when choosing its location: 

1. Potential Gas Sources – To determine the best placement for a gas detection system, the location and nature of potential gas sources, such as pressure, amount and temperature, need to be addressed. Placing gas monitors close to these sources or in areas where air currents are likely to product high gas concentrations is important for accuracy and early warning.

2. Ambient Temperature – Placement issues could result in numerous false alarms. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the gas detection system is located within an area that complies with the specified operating temperature range, as well as detection range. 

3. Accessibility – When determining the mounting location of a gas detection system, consider future maintenance and calibration requirements. It is important that the systems are easily accessible in the case of an emergency. 

Best Placement of a Gas Detection System - Otis Instruments

4. Distance – All systems that separate the gas sensor from the main controller, or transmitter, have distance limit specifications. For proper placement, ensure that the application’s distance requirements are within specifications to achieve accurate measurements. 

Otis Instruments, Inc. offers various wired and WireFree gas detection systems capable of detecting a wide range of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Our innovative systems are designed to provide ultimate safety to personnel in their diverse working environments. 

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