Getting to Know Gas Detection Equipment

Gas detection equipment is used to reliably detect combustible and toxic gases throughout diverse applications within a range of industries. Detecting these gases helps protect the safety of the workforce, workplace and the environment. 

Getting to Know Gas Detection Equipment - Otis Instruments

Effectively monitoring the air quality of an area with gas detection equipment requires three components: good technique, appropriate equipment and sufficient knowledge. 

Good Technique

To acquire accurate results within hazardous atmospheres, good technique is essential. As some gases rise while others sink, monitoring an area both high and low is considered a good technique for proper detection. 

When using gas detection equipment, other good techniques include considering the meter once it alarms and performing air monitoring activities slow for proper registration. 

Appropriate Equipment

Over the past decade, air monitoring technology has steadily advanced with a goal of an easy-to-use product that detects accurate results for enhanced user safety.

Getting to Know Gas Detection Equipment - Otis Instruments

Implementing the suitable gas detection technology for operations is essential to reach safety standards. Because the complexity of gas detection equipment offers customized air monitoring solutions, it is up to the industry to determine their own requirements and adopt the appropriate equipment for their application. 

Sufficient Knowledge

When gas detection equipment is not used properly, faulty results may occur–leading to disastrous situations. Air monitoring should be approached systematically to generate reliable results and optimize atmospheres.

As gas detection technology becomes more complex, characteristics vary, and the importance of system training has heightened. Failure to thoroughly train workers to use and maintain gas detection equipment may compromise safety. 

Otis Instruments offers a hands-on complete product technical in-person training course of all current purchasable products for the distributors and end users of Otis products. At Otis, safety is a top priority and our professionals strive to have our customers obtain the technique, equipment and knowledge necessary for ultimate safety within their applications.  

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