Minimizing Risk with Flame Detection

Within industrial facilities, there are many proposed risks that could potentially result in a fire or explosion. From oil rigs to wastewater treatment plants, the implementation of flame detection equipment is essential to ensure the safety of both workers and equipment. 

Quick Detection Times

When flames are detected in industrial environments, workers need an adequate amount of time to safely evacuate the high-risk area or areas. Flame detection in-place around the facility allows for quick detection of flames, therefore, alerting the appropriate personnel efficiently.


Minimizing Risk with Flame Detection - Otis Instruments

Lessen False Alarms

When the environment becomes harsh due to temperature extremes or other factors, false alarms can occur. However, flame detectors are designed to detect the absorption of light at specific wavelengths, allowing them to discriminate between flames and false alarm sources. This avoids production disruptions and costly downtime. 


Flame detectors often integrate a self-test function that monitors the detector’s ability to sense fires and report a fault condition when impaired. Because of this, most detectors need little manual calibration. These self-checks not only ensure accurate results, but greatly reduce the risk of malfunction. 

Wide Field Views

Minimizing Risk with Flame Detection - Otis Instruments

Most modern flame detectors offer an extensive field of view, allowing maximum levels of safety. Because of the wide field of views available, many companies realize they require fewer detectors, enabling them to save money while maintaining a safe working environment. 

Otis Instruments offers an array of flame detection equipment, including UV, UV/IR and Multi-Spectrum Infrared detectors. Our flame detectors are designed for the early detection of unwanted fires and output appropriate alarm information within diverse applications. To ensure safety in industrial environments, our flame detection products offer a Patented Fire Event Analysis (FEA) algorithm for superior false-alarm immunity. 

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