OI-6900 for the Detection of Combustible and Toxic Gases

The OI-6900 Explosion-Proof Ambient Air Hazardous Gas Detector from Otis Instruments is a WireFree, dual battery-powered assembly that uses an electrochemical or low-power infrared sensor element to detect a variety of toxic or combustible gases. 

OI-6900 for the Detection of Combustible and Toxic Gases - Otis Instruments

The OI-6900 features three non-intrusive magnetic switches (MENU, ADD and SUB) that allow for complete system configuration, regular calibration, and product maintenance to be performed in the field without opening the enclosure, therefore maintaining its explosion-proof rating in a wide temperature range. Non-intrusive interface is made possible by use of the Otis Magnetic Tool included in the purchase of the device. 

Class I, Division 1, Groups C and D certified, the OI-6900 continuously monitors the gas level of the surrounding environment and reports once a minute; the reporting rate increases to once every five seconds when the detected gas is above the background gas set-point. This set-point is adjustable to account for sites that may have a constant low level of gas always present, allowing the device to maintain a long battery life (3.6 V Lithium-Thionyl Chloride).

Radio options for the OI-6900 are 900 MHz with 52 networks or 2.4 GHz and 78 networks while utilizing an external N-female radio frequency (RF) connector. The device also contains a transflective, graphical LCD screen with an LED backlight, so the present concentration of gas being detected by the sensor assembly can be seen clearly to the user. 

The sensor assembly can be purchased with an optional OI-501 Remote Sensor Kit (7-pin), allowing remote monitoring of applications within hazardous locations for use up to 250 feet from the controller. 

Protected by an aluminum device enclosure and stainless steel sensor housing, the OI-6900 can be used within combustible or toxic environments to provide operators with around-the-clock surveillance and monitoring capabilities and ensure the safety of personnel.

For more information on the OI-6900, contact our team of experts or visit www.otisinstruments.com/oi-6900.