OI-6940 NOTIS Quad for Diverse Field Applications

OI-6940 NOTIS Quad for Diverse Field Applications

The OI-6940 NOTIS Quad is a battery-powered (3.6 V, 76 Ah) explosion proof sensor assembly that simultaneously uses up to four sensors (electrochemical and/or low-power infrared) to detect an array of toxic gases in diverse applications.

The OI-6940 NOTIS Quad features four non-intrusive magnetic switches that allow for complete system configuration, regular calibration, and product maintenance to be performed in the field without opening the enclosure, therefore maintaining its explosion-proof rating.

Class I, Division 1, Groups C and D certified, the OI-6940 is field-adjustable for background gas and addressable to eliminate interference with other systems. The device continuously monitors the gas level of the surrounding environment and reports once a minute; the reporting rate increases to once every five seconds when the detected gas is above the background gas set-point. 

Proyectos Y Soluciones Industriales SAS, a distributor of Otis Instruments and the OI-6940 NOTIS Quad, recently had a customer install the sensor assembly in an oil processing plant. The device was used to detect the presence of both CH4 and H2S gases in the refinery areas and crude pools to ensure the gas levels did not exceed established limits.

Proyectos Y Soluciones Industriales SAS, a company based in Bogot√°, Colombia, offers solutions for the industry in the fields of industrial safety, control and measurement, taking into account the needs of its customers and meeting the strictest quality standards in the products and services it offers.

OI-6940 NOTIS Quad for Diverse Field Applications

Sebastian Humberto Vergara, a member of the Proyectos Y Soluciones Industriales SAS team, said, “The performance of the OI-6940 is excellent, since being a compact unit and being able to install up to four sensors in a single device provides a facility to our customers. It is important to note that the WireFree communication helped this project to perform a more quick and efficient installation and eliminated the need for investment in accessories, such as cables, couplings and tasks; this installation process only took one day. With our OI-6940, we contribute to the care of people and infrastructure.”

For easy transportation of the WireFree device while in the field, the OI-6940-ST two-wheeled hand cart can be purchased, eliminating the need for on-site mounting. Additionally, the OI-501 Remote Sensor Kit (7-pin) can be purchased with the device, which allows remote monitoring of applications within hazardous locations.

For more information on the NOTIS Quad, contact our team or visit www.otisinstruments.com/oi-6940.