OI-6000K for Maximum Awareness and Safety

The OI-6000K is a GEN II Model ambient air gas sensor assembly kit that uses an electrochemical, catalytic bead, PID or infrared sensor element to detect a variety of gases. 

Non-explosion proof and wired powered, the OI-6000K has an operating voltage of 12-25 VDC (with battery clips) or 110-240 VAC (with cord grips and cable) and a current draw of 1.25 A maximum at 24 VDC. Output options for the instrument include: 4-20 mA (3-wire) and RS-485 Modbus. 

OI-6000K for Maximum Awareness and Safety - Otis Instruments

Housed in a Stahlin fiberglass enclosure with a clear window for easy viewing, the sensor assembly features a 102 x 64 graphical LCD screen (sunlight readable) with an LED backlight that integrates a three push-button interface (MENU, ADD and SUB). A rain and splashguard is available for maximum sensor protection.

A two-relay instrument (5 amp relays with 4 amp fuses), the OI-6000K features an auto-setting Null, relay/alarm tests, and system diagnostics. Also featured within the instrument is a pre-mounted light (amber or tri-color) and horn (102dB), allowing both easy installation and quick awareness to personnel of potential hazardous within the environment. 

The assembly offers the ability to remote the sensor 10, 25, 50, 75, or 100 feet from the enclosure and is capable of detecting the following gases: H2S, CO, O2, H2S2K, HCL, HCN, NH3, NH3000, NH3A, NO2, SO2, H2, CO2, LEL, CL2, PH3, VOC10, VOC20, VOC50, VOC1K, and VOC2K. 

For more information on the OI-6000K for maximum awareness and safety, contact Otis Instruments or visit www.otisinstruments.com/oi-6000k