OI-6400 Sensor Assembly for the Wastewater Industry

OI-6400 Sensor Assembly for the Wastewater Industry - Otis Instruments

In the wastewater industry, operators are constantly seeking ways to mitigate risk and ensure the safety of personnel. 

The main gases of concern throughout wastewater plants include hydrogen sulfide, methane and oxygen. Hydrogen sulfide and methane are byproducts of the decomposition of organic materials that are present in waste flows feeding the plant. The constant buildup of these gases may eventually ignite dangerous explosions or lead to oxygen depletion.

Other hazards within the wastewater industry include possible exposure to high concentrations of ammonia, chlorine, and chlorine dioxide. These purifying chemicals are used in the decontamination of wastes and waste and are often spilled or dumped into the waste system–creating a hazardous environment for personnel. 

The OI-6400 is a non-explosion proof, four-gas sensor assembly that simultaneously uses up to four sensors (electrochemical, low-power infrared, and/or PID) to detect an array of toxic and non-toxic gases, such as methane, ammonia and oxygen, in ambient air within the wastewater industry. 

OI-6400 Sensor Assembly for the Wastewater Industry - Otis Instruments

Wired powered (12 to 35 VDC) with 4-20 mA analog and RS-485 Modbus outputs per each control board, the OI-6400 includes an AC power supply with a 6-foot cord to allow quick installation and power-up. DC power draw includes 2 amps maximum at 24 VDC. 

The OI-6400 sensor assembly incorporates a graphical LCD with LED backlight with a three push-button interface (ADD, MENU and SUB). The assembly also includes a top-mounted strobe light (Red, Amber or Blue) and a bottom-mounted miniature, dual-tone buzzer to alert when any control board is detecting gas above alarm levels. 

The assembly is field-adjustable for background gas, and addressable to eliminate interference with other systems. It is designed to be self-contained and to reject Power Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and other forms of interference to avoid false gas readings–making it an ideal gas detector for the ever-changing, diverse wastewater industry.

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