Detecting Toxic Gases in Laboratories with the OI-6940

Detecting Toxic Gases in Laboratories with the OI-6940 - Otis Instruments

In research or medical laboratories, many experiments are conducted using a wide variety of toxic gases and dangerous liquids – or they may be produced as a result of these processes. 

Due to the complex environment of these environments, toxic gases can linger and create a hazardous atmosphere for personnel. Some of the gases that are emitted include nitrogen oxide, argon, helium, carbon monoxide, chlorine and carbon dioxide. 

Carbon dioxide is used in cryogenic applications, sample transportation and cell culture incubators. Flammable gases are typically stored in pressurized cylinders and improper handling can lead to cylinder damage with potential pressure discharge and explosions. 

From tip hazards, dangerous leaks, entry protection, flammable material and bio-hazards, implementing gas detection is essential to ensure safety within laboratories. 

Detecting Toxic Gases in Laboratories with the OI-6940 - Otis Instruments

The OI-6940 Notis Quad is a WireFree, non-explosion proof four-gas sensor assembly that simultaneously uses up to four sensors (electrochemical, PID and/or low-powered infrared) to continuously monitor and detect an array of toxic gases in ambient air. 

The OI-6940 comes standard with a sunlight readable 160×104 graphical LCD screen with an LED backlight. It features a four-button interface (ADD, MENU, SUB and BACK) with corresponding non-intrusive magnetic switches that allow for complete system configuration, regular calibration, and product maintenance to be performed in the field without opening the lid and breaking the seal of the enclosure.

The sensor assembly is AC powered with an integrated 3.6VDC/76Ah backup battery pack. Radio options include GEN II 900 MHz or GEN II 2.4 GHz.  

Additionally, it incorporates a field-adjustable background gas setting (1%-10% of full scale) settable per sensor element and is addressable to eliminate interference with other systems. It is also designed to be self-contained and reject Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), and other forms of interference, in order to avoid false gas readings within laboratories. 

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