Air Monitoring Solutions for the Hazmat Industry

Today, the public relies heavily on the fire department to respond to and mitigate a range of issues, including emergency events involving hazardous materials. As responsibilities and competencies are growing for the fire service and hazmat industry, there is an increased need for proficient air monitoring equipment.

In the hazmat industry, gas detection provides flexibility and precision to provide teams with a tool that can be integrated within all phases of the public safety process.

Air Monitoring Solutions for the Hazmat Industry - Otis Instruments

When a team arrives at the scene of an accident, there are many unknowns regarding its condition. However, gas detection equipment can monitor the ambient air of present volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, oxygen and various combustible gases.

Once the first responders or hazmat team have established the necessary personal protection equipment (PPE), gas detectors can determine if nearby gases in the atmosphere are toxic or benign. Using this information provided by the gas detector, fire teams can determine a safe distance from the scene, establishing a proper control perimeter for all personnel.

During product containment, decontamination and remediation, gas detection equipment can quickly monitor and log measurements of ambient air conditions. In turn, this vital information can be used to determine the proper clean-up process the fire team must execute and can also be used for later post-incident analysis.

Otis Instruments offers a variety of wired and WireFree easy-to-use, robust and configurable gas detectors capable of detecting both toxic and non-toxic gases for diverse applications. Our innovative products are designed to provide ease of use and implementation to comply with varying demands within the hazmat industry.

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