Reasons to Implement Gas Detection Equipment

Gas detection equipment, with appropriate action taken if dangerous levels are detected, can help prevent an explosion or exposure to toxic gases. 

If you have not already implemented reliable gas detectors in your industrial workplace, here are a few reasons why and applications where gas detection equipment is found quite necessary and effective:

Oxygen Detection

Reasons to Implement Gas Detection Equipment - Otis Instruments

If oxygen levels are too low in an area, it can cause dizziness, brain damage or death. Low oxygen levels are typically caused from displacement by another gas or from consumption of the oxygen in an area by a chemical process. Gas detection equipment can help prevent injury by providing an early warning of reduced concentrations. 

Flammable Gas Detection

Flammable gases and vapors pose a threat of explosion, which can harm workers and cause damage to facilities. If gases and gas sources are monitored properly with gas detection equipment, it can prevent the gas level from reaching a potentially flammable and combustible level. 

Toxic Gas Monitoring

Toxic gases can be present in a refinery, semiconductor plant or petrochemical application – they may be used in or generated by a process. Continuous monitoring of toxic gases with gas detection equipment can effectively alert personnel to dangerous situations and prevent serious injury.  

Many plants, factories, confined spaces and other industrial environments have the potential for having dangerous gases or vapors present. 

Otis Instruments offers a variety of wired and WireFree easy-to-use, robust and configurable gas detectors and monitoring systems capable of detecting both toxic and non-toxic gases within diverse applications. We also offer state-of-the-art flame detectors for quick, reliable flame detection in industrial settings.

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