OI-9100 Signal Strength Meter for Real-Time Status & Notifications

OI-9100 Signal Strength Meter for Real-Time Status & Notifications - Otis Instruments

The WireFree View OI-9100 is a handheld signal strength meter specifically engineered to show the status of any WireFree gas detector, transmitter or repeater that is within range.

Featuring a four-line scrollable display with a red alarm LED, the OI-9100 shows the radio address, gas level reading, RF signal strength, time since last message, sensor type, gas type, and the remaining battery voltage, if applicable, of each detector within range. 

Incorporating a 4×20 character LCD display, the signal strength meter integrates a push-button knob interface, which the user rotates to scroll sensors and presses to show additional information. With its customizable setting alarm indicator, the knob can also be pressed and held to disable alarm mode. 

Battery-powered (3.7 V lithium-ion rechargeable), the OI-9100 offers up to 16 hours continuous use battery life per charge. Radio options include 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz with an operating temperature range of 32ºF to +122ºF. 

With its portable, handheld capabilities, as well as showing real-time status and notification while in the field, the OI-9100 signal strength meter is an ideal addition to your gas detection network. 

For more information on the OI-9100 WireFree signal strength meter, visit otisinstruments.com/oi-9100 or contact Otis Instruments today.