OI-7530 WireFree Relayer for Hazardous Environments

The Gen II WireFree Relayer OI-7530 is a wireless relay/alarm system specifically designed for use in conjunction with the Otis Instruments, Inc. Gen II WireFree Product Line.

Featuring 3 relays consisting of a three dry-contact with 4 amp fuses as well as three individually configurable set points, this product can monitor up to 32 sensor assemblies via transmissions from an on-board 900MHz or 2.4GHz radio. 

The OI-7530 also displays sensor readings on-screen and adds Modbus output functionality for improved convenience. 

The ability to mount the OI-7530 near the entrance of a site allows the technician to immediately determine if it is safe to enter the site, making this device incredibly useful in any environment hosting hazardous gas.  The OI-7530 can be mounted as a traditional or self-contained system that requires 12-35 Volts DC or 120-240 Volts AC.

To learn more about this sensor assembly for workplace safety, visit otisinstruments.com/oi-7530 or contact our team today.

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