OI-315 Portable Personal Monitor

The Otis Instruments OI-315 TOCSIN3  Personal Monitor is a personal safety device designed to detect the presence of toxic gases in ambient air of H2S, NH3, CO, or O2. This device alerts the user to potentially unsafe conditions with visual, vibrating, and audible alarms. 

The OI-315 features an alligator clip, allowing it to be worn on personnel in the field at all times. Other features include the rubber enclosure for shock prevention, water/dust proof enclosure, and adjustable alarm setpoints. The OI-315 personal monitor displays with LCD and LED backlight, has data logging capabilities and is built with user-replaceable sensors and batteries. With an operating temperature range of -4 to 122 °F, operating humidity from 5 to 95% RH (non-condensing), and operating power from a CR2, Lithium 3V battery, this device can protect the user for 1.2 years when used 8 hours per day. 

This device allows a front 2-switch parameter control with programmable set modes of alarm value, date and time, and calibration as well. Its lightweight size and durability make it essential to have on employees while they work across a variety of environments unknown to gas leaks. 

The OI-315 has the approval of Ex ia IIC T4 IP67 (KGS, ATEX). 

A portable, personal safety device like the OI-315 is useful across a variety of industries. For example, the aviation industry utilizes protected equipment such as this for the pilot’s, and the customers when applicable, safety. When oxygen-deficient or oxygen-enriched environments are created in the confined space of the aircraft, the effects of the new environment can create changes in symptoms as they progress a lot more rapidly. For additional information regarding the portable OI-315 personal safety device, check out our datasheet for this device. For more information about other gas detection equipment, visit our website or contact us today

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