Shell Deer Park Powering Through Pandemic

When the pandemic first began, many businesses struggled to survive. Many had to close their doors, others reevaluated strategies in light of new regulations and mandates. However, Shell’s Deer Park in Deer Park, Texas was able to adapt with new changes implemented by Shirley Yap, new vice president of the manufacturing plant. Adjust currently policies and procedures to provide telecommunication abilities and other methods lead to increased productivity and little worker layoffs. 

Prioritizing employees to maintain profits was never a goal, instead focusing on their health and safety both on the field when needed as well as with the virus. This included a new safety process called, “armed, confident employees (ACE)” with the knowledge of all safety measures, detection equipment, and other methods pertaining to plant safety and personal health safety. 

When taking on her new role, Yap and the Shell Deer Park team strived for a complete turnaround, having additional workers later in the year at the site splitting day and night shifts. This change also increased precautions to maintain safety during the pandemic by limiting interactions across the site and telecommuting as much as possible. Screening questions before entering, social distancing, masking, and more were put in place for the protection of many. By focusing on long-term goals, the plant was able to overcome day-to-day problems to become more productive. 

Yap and the Shell company believes investment in new oil and gas production is essential to meet society’s ongoing energy demands. In addition, Shell plans to invest in more lower-carbon businesses, including electric vehicle charging, hydrogen, wind, and solar to continue supporting its customers.

Companies adapting to the pandemic and trying to avoid layoffs can create a lot of stress. Ensuring the safety of employees on-site through gas detection methods and maintenance continues to be a top priority, so let Otis take on the stress.

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