Reevaluating Approaches Concerning Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is the quality of air within an indoor environment being distributed. Distribution is performed via ventilation, filtration, and exhaust systems. Food processing plants have to be cautious of stagnant air, which causes mold, condensation problems, and several health conditions. However, turbulent air can present problems as well, resulting in the spread of airborne disease. Having proper indoor air quality preserves the health and overall safety of workers, which has become more important than ever with the on-going pandemic. 

Most buildings have a duct system in place to circulate air throughout the building. The mixture of air with the type of air the system is producing (filtered heated or cooling) is then introduced into the spaces within the main building again. Due to the number of ductwork systems, manufacturers of those systems have been identifying fabric ductwork as one of the best systems to maintain excellent indoor air quality. 

Fabric ductwork and diffusing systems have several benefits over their traditional counterparts, stemming from the material itself. The fabric is made to diffuse air evenly across the system due to its design, eliminating heating and cooling spots created by older systems. There are noticeable differences in performance as well due to the buoyancy and volume changes. 

This type of duct system is ideal in industrial applications with strict temperature and humidity control, for example, food and beverage. Minimizing air with the potential to spread illness while increasing the production of “soft moving air” is achieved with fabric ductwork. This alternative is also less expensive and easier to maintain, as it is scratch and dent preventative. 

The logic of implementing more systems with fabric rather than its metal counterparts, while using technology such as PID sensors and other wireless and wired detection systems, helps companies battle against the problematic IAQ. Gas detection monitors help companies monitor their indoor air quality to ensure the safety of their employees. An excellent gas detection system will instantly notify workers within the area of a potential leak when the IAQ level has surpassed its standard. 
Otis Instruments offers a vast selection of Wired and WireFree easy-to-use, robust, and configurable gas detectors and monitors capable of detecting both toxic and non-toxic gases for diverse applications. For more information regarding gas detection systems to improve your overall IAQ level, or need additional information regarding specific detection needs, contact Otis Instruments today!

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