Improving Air Quality Monitoring in Harris County

A collaboration between Harris County, an independent research group, and private industry works to improve the collection and accessibility of air quality monitoring data and knowledge during industrial conflicts. The project is funded through a new $1 million grant by the American Chemistry Council (ACC) Foundation.

The grant will allow Harris County to have more funding for air monitoring equipment and provide better operation for the county’s local Community Air Monitoring Program (CAMP). CAMP is Harris County’s air quality monitoring data specialists, created to modernize the ability to preserve the environment while having easy and informative responses when the quality of air could affect populace health and safety. 

Stationary monitors will communicate data directly to the Harris County CAMP network and store information from portable and handheld devices. Data will then be uploaded to the website, providing officials with timely and accurate data to make informed decisions when a community response is needed. 

Representatives from the Harris County Precinct 2, Pollution Control Services, and Houston Advanced Research Center all vocalized their excitement in collaboration with each other and the ACC. The collaboration provides standpoints from industries, environmental groups, and community-focused organizations to promote a healthy, safe, and strong community. 

Data and analysis from 30 years of private industry’s air monitoring information will assist in more complex and modernized studies on air quality. Information will also be translated to easy day=to-day baseline readings. The new agreement will identify certain pollutants so officials and the public can increase their knowledge on air quality and the importance of monitoring. 

The network systems for data collection and communication on all levels are currently being tested and improved, with an end goal of publication later this year. 

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