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Something Big Is Coming...

Introducing the OI-6400: our newest and best product yet.

Why Otis Instruments?

Explaining why your industry may need our gas detection products, how to connect online, and how to access new data sheets.

Inside Sales Representative

Introduces Joshua Kelley, our new inside sales representative.

Otis' Prices

Explains how to access price lists online.

Otis' Weekly News

Promotes the OI-6000, our website and our social media handles.

Otis' Latest News

Promotes the OI-7530, our website and our social media handles.

This Week at Otis Instruments

Highlights the OI-7440, promotes our website and our social media handles.

Otis Instruments' Product of the Week

Highlights the OI-315, promotes our website and our social media handles.

Merry Christmas!

Announces office closures for Christmas and the new year. WIshes customers a Merry Christmas.

What's New This Holiday Season?

Announces new website, office closures and large order deadlines for 2017.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Reminds our customers that we are thankful for them, announces thanksgiving office closures and final shipping dates for 2017.

10% Off Your Order!

Reminds customers of the 10% off discount on the OI-6940 available until December 2017.


Announces a 10% discount on the OI-6940 through December 2017.