OI-6000K Non-Explosion Proof Wire Powered Sensor Assembly with Light and Horn

The Gen II Model OI-6000K is an ambient air gas sensor assembly kit that uses an Electro-chemical, Catalytic Bead, PID, or Infrared sensor element for sensing a variety of gases. The OI-6000K Sensor Assembly features auto-setting Null, relay/alarm tests, and system diagnostics, and is housed in a fiberglass enclosure with clear window.

Part Number Formula: OI-6000K-[Sensor Type]-[Gas Type]-[Power Supply]-X-[Strobe Color]



Sensor Type: Electro-chemical, Catalytic Bead, PID, or Infrared


  • +12-35 Volts DC (with battery clips)

  • 110/240 Volts AC (with cord grips and cable)

Current Draw: 1.25 A (max @ 24VDC) • Relays: 5 Amp relays with 4 Amp fuses

Output: 4-20mA (3-wire); RS-485 Modbus


  • Graphical LCD, sunlight readable

  • LED back-light, 102 x 64 resolution

Interface: Three push-buttons (MENU, ADD, SUB)

Enclosure: 8” x 8” x 4” Stahlin fiberglass w/ clear window; wall mount


  • Hardware: One year (limited)

  • Sensor: Varies with sensor type

OI-6000K Non Explosion-Proof Data Sheet

OI-6000K Operation Manual


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Part NumberDescription
OI-6000-CB-PCAOI-6000 Control Board with LCD Screen Installed
OI-LCD-102LCD Screen with White LED Backlight
OI-6000K-FP-KITOI-6000K Faceplate Kit with Faceplate, Silkscreen, (2) Thumbscrews, and Foam to Secure LCD Screen
OI-6000-MRB-PCAOI-6000K Relay Board
OI-420Otis Magnet
OI-2011-SB-IRAnalog Sensor Board for Infrared Sensor Elements
OI-2014-10Analog Sensor Board for PID Sensor Elements, 0-10 PPM Scale
OI-2014-20Analog Sensor Board for PID Sensor Elements, 0-20 PPM Scale
OI-2014-50Analog Sensor Board for PID Sensor Elements, 0-50 PPM Scale
OI-2014-1KAnalog Sensor Board for PID Sensor Elements, 0-1000 PPM Scale
OI-2014-2KAnalog Sensor Board for PID Sensor Elements, 0-2000 PPM Scale
OI-2015-SB-NECAnalog Sensor Board for Electrochemical Sensor Elements, Please Specify Gas Type
OI-2016-SB-O2Analog Sensor Board for Oxygen Sensor Elements
OI-2000-CAP-ASSYSensor Housing Cap with Flame Arrestor and O-Ring
OI-500-BSensor Housing Rainguard
OI-481-EMAAmber Strobe, 12-80VDC/0.5A
OI-481-EMBBlue Strobe, 12-80VDC/0.5A
OI-481-EMRRed Strobe, 12-80VDC/0.5A
OI-481-RGALED Multi-Strobe, Red/Green/Amber, 24VDC, Class 1 Div2
OI-488Audio Alarm, 102dB, 12-24VDC/0.5A, Dual Tone
OI-PMC-24V075W1AAReplacement 24VDC/3.125A Power Supply
OI-448-BPBackplane for 8X8X4 Fiberglass Enclosure
OI-403Fiberglass Enclosure Mounting Feet Kit, 4 Feet with Screws to Attach to Enclosure
OI-FUSE-4A-250Fuse 4A, 250V Slow Blow

Additional information

Sensor Type


Gas Type

H2S, CO, O2, H2S2K, HCL, HCN, NH3, NH3300, NH3A, NO2, SO2, H2, CO2, LEL, CL2, PH3, VOC10, VOC20, VOC50, VOC1K, VOC2K

Power Supply


Alarm Color

Amber Strobe Light, Red Strobe Light, Tri-Color – Green Solid, Amber Strobe and Red Strobe Light, Blue Strobe Light


Non-Explosion Proof

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