OI-6940 ST

The Otis Instruments, Inc. OI-6940-ST is a two-wheel stand engineered specifically for use with the OI-6940 Notis Quad Sensor Assembly.



The unique hand cart design of the OI- 6940-ST enables the robust OI-6940 sensor assembly to be easily transported while in the field. Pre-mounting of the OI-6940 sensor assembly onto the stand eliminates the need for on-site mounting. Simply place the battery-powered WireFree OI-6940 sensor assembly and stand in the desired location and power on the device.

Features and Benefits

  • Two-wheel hand cart design allows the 23 lb. OI-6940 sensor assembly to be pushed or pulled, not carried
  • Eliminates the need for placement in an area with a pre-existing structure strong enough to support the OI-6940 sensor assembly
  • No mounting tools or hardware necessary for setting up the mounted OI-6940 sensor assembly on location
  • Pre-mounting the battery-powered WireFree OI-6940 sensor assembly reduces installation and setup time while in the field
  • Stackable design for compact storage of pre-mounted OI-6940 sensor assemblies


OI-6940-ST Data Sheet

Wheel Replacement Kit


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Part NumberDescription
OI-6940-BATTBattery, 3.6VDC/76AH Li-Ion Pack, Non-rechargeable
OI-6940-CB-PCAOI-6940 Control Board with LCD Screen Installed, No Radio Module Installed
OI-6940-BB-PCAOI-6940 Battery Board Assembly
OI-LCD-160LCD Screen with Green LED Backlight
OI-6940-FP-KITOI-6940 Faceplate Kit with Faceplate, Label, (2) Handles, and Foam to Secure LCD Screen
OI-RADIO-2.4-THGEN II 2.4 GHz Radio Module
OI-RADIO-900-LAIRDGEN II 900 MHz Radio Module
OI-432-UFL-4u.FL Cable for Connecting Radio Module to Board
OI-WF690-AF-NAntenna Fitting, Class 1, Div 1, N Female
OI-AN-2.4-RIGID-S2.4 GHz Antenna, Non-Flexible, Straight
OI-AN-900-FLEX-S900 MHz Antenna, Flexible, Straight
OI-420-10Otis Magnet, 10 Lbs
OI-402-5PACKPackage of 5 Desiccant Bags, 6 Grams per Bag
OI-4100-OMain Enclosure O-Ring
OI-2015-SB-NECAnalog Sensor Board for Electrochemical Sensor Elements, Please Specify Gas Type
OI-2016-SB-O2Analog Sensor Board for Oxygen Sensor Elements
OI-2017-SB-LPIRAnalog Sensor Board for Low Power Infrared Sensor Elements
OI-2000-CAP-ASSYSensor Housing Cap with Flame Arrestor and O-Ring
OI-500-BSensor Housing Rainguard
OI-410Calibration Cup Kit, Includes 3 Feet of Tubing
OI-501-77 Wire Remote Sensor Housing Mounting Kit, Does Not Include Cable
OI-SENSOR-CABLERemote Sensor Kit Cable, Sold per Foot
OI-6940-STCart Stand for OI-6940

Additional information

Maximum Load

100 lbs.


1' 7 1/8" L x 1' 3 1/2" W x 3' 4 1/2"H


30 Days

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