Service Programs

The Commission Report

The Commission Report provides the end-user with an on-site certification and report stating that the Otis Instruments system has been properly installed (according to the stated needs of the end-user and Otis Instruments’ standards).

Dealer/Distributor Support Service

The Dealer/Distributor Support Service provides on-site technical support for Dealers and Distributors. 

Telemetry/Modbus Setup Service

The Modbus Setup Service provides on-site setup of Otis Instruments Modbus/Otisbus comminication to the customer’s PLC, SCADA systems, etc.

  • Service Program appointments must be scheduled with the Service Department Manger.
  • A purchase order must be received by the Service Department Manager prior to the technician’s departure for the appointment (no exceptions).
  • Weekend and holiday emergencies will result in doubled rates.
  • Airfare and rental vehicle usage must be reimbursed by the customer at actual cost.
  • All out of country travel will be charged at actual cost. Charged items include (but are not limited to): airfare, rental vehicle, gas, hotel, and food.

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