The Commission Report

The Commission Report

The Commission Report provides the end-user with an on-site certification and report stating that the Otis Instruments system has been properly installed (according to the stated needs of the end-user and Otis Instruments’ standards).  The Commission Report includes:

  • Facility name, location, and company purchase order number

  • Name of the company, Otis distributor, and Otis employees

  • A statement of use and purpose of the system in this facility

  • Name of company or companies performing the system installation

  • The Otis system installed, including product types, gases, and model numbers

  • Date of installation and ate of commission

  • Location drawing or picture of each sensor, conroller/receiver, and alarms

  • A statement of installation for each Otis device and recommended changes

  • Calibration Schedule for each sensor type

  • Comments and concerns

  • Signed and dated

  • OI-CRP: Paper Report (per site): $1000
  • OI-CRT: Travel Expenditures- Rates are charged per day, per employee (minimum or actual cost depending on location): $300
  • OI- CRL: Employee Labor- Rates are charged per hour, per employee: $85