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What is Oxygen Deficiency? - Otis Instruments

What is Oxygen Deficiency?

If not properly monitored, injury or death caused by oxygen deficiency is a common hazard in the petrochemical and refining industries, as well as in confined spaces. Under normal atmospheric pressure conditions, humans typically breathe air that is 20.9 percent oxygen by volume, according to EHS Today. When the concentration of oxygen decreases by as…

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How to Reduce Gas Leaks in Industrial Environments - Otis Instruments

How to Reduce Gas Leaks in Industrial Environments

Whether in petrochemical facilities, chemical plants or refineries, workplaces that utilize or produce various toxic gases during normal operations and processes must meet industry safety regulations and requirements. In addition to adhering to these regulations, personnel can take further preventative measures and precautions to help prevent or reduce the frequency of dangerous gas leaks. Know…

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