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Toxic Gas Detection

Toxic gas such as ammonia or hydrogen sulfide can be present in a number of industries, increasing the possibility of compromising employee’s overall health. Too much of a certain gas can also affect the performance of equipment in the area as well. Toxic gas detection systems monitor the presence of gases in a specified area…

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Industrial Waste Management and Its Importance

Waste generation is the inefficient use of materials from a variety of applications, like the industrial industry, and can be monitored by tracking the amount of waste collected, its composition, and the effect of waste once gathered. Industrial waste is created from businesses using chemicals and various processes to create an end product or service,…

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Remote Tank Monitoring

While working with various tanks, it is important to be able to track your inventory and conditions. Through transfer to a host database, this allows the user to view and manage, resulting in decreased costs associated with storage, distribution, and delivery. This process also increases operational efficiency. The sensors placed inside the tanks assist in…

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How to Reduce Gas Leaks in Industrial Environments - Otis Instruments

How to Reduce Gas Leaks in Industrial Environments

Whether in petrochemical facilities, chemical plants or refineries, workplaces that utilize or produce various toxic gases during normal operations and processes must meet industry safety regulations and requirements. In addition to adhering to these regulations, personnel can take further preventative measures and precautions to help prevent or reduce the frequency of dangerous gas leaks. Know…

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OI-6000K for Maximum Awareness and Safety - Otis Instruments

OI-6000K for Maximum Awareness and Safety

The OI-6000K is a GEN II Model ambient air gas sensor assembly kit that uses an electrochemical, catalytic bead, PID or infrared sensor element to detect a variety of gases.  Non-explosion proof and wired powered, the OI-6000K has an operating voltage of 12-25 VDC (with battery clips) or 110-240 VAC (with cord grips and cable)…

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Portable vs. Fixed Gas Detection Systems - Otis Instruments

Portable vs. Fixed Gas Detection Systems

The difference between portable and fixed gas detection systems is their monitoring capabilities and limitations. Portable detection instruments can notify workers of dangerous emissions upon the entry of an affected area, while fixed instruments can provide continuous monitoring of a specific location in a workplace facility.   Although both gas detection systems can help improve workplace…

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Portable Monitors for Personal Safety - Otis Instruments

Portable Monitors for Personal Safety

Whether for single or multiple gas monitoring within an application, portable monitors help ensure the personal safety of workers in the field. Compact and lightweight, these monitors offer fast and reliable detection from the risks of toxic and flammable gases. When utilizing portable monitors for personal safety, additional benefits include: Real-time gas readings Real-time battery…

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Fixed Gas Detection for Continuous Monitoring - Otis Instruments

Fixed Gas Detection for Continuous Monitoring

Fixed gas detection systems aim to provide end users with a continuous air quality monitoring solution, as they detect the presence of toxic and combustible gases around the clock.  If atmospheric hazards appear to be chronically present within an area that workers enter routinely, implementing fixed gas detection equipment may be appropriate to ensure worksite…

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The Importance of Gas Detection Training for Worksite Safety - Otis Instruments

The Importance of Gas Detection Training for Worksite Safety

To fully depend upon gas detectors to properly identify potential hazards within the workplace, users must acquire specific knowledge about their gas detection systems–driving worksite safety upward.  A structured gas detection training program, both hands-on and remote, enables worksite supervisors and personnel to be trained in equipment usage, performance, maintenance and performing light repairs.   Without…

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Choosing Flame Detection for Industrial Safety - Otis Instruments

Choosing Flame Detection for Industrial Safety

In the oil and gas industry, as well as in a wide range of other hazardous process and manufacturing industries, flame detection equipment is essential in preventing catastrophic fires and ensuring industrial safety. To choose an appropriate flame detection system for an application, personnel must consider process and site performance requirements–aiming to mitigate associated hazards.    …

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