Why WireFree?


Wired gas detection installations can be costly and time-consuming. Therefore, in 2005 Otis Instruments began pioneering wireless (WireFree) gas detection products. Seven years later, we confidently offer two generations (“Gen I” and “Gen II”) of WireFree gas detection systems.

  • time saving conduit-free setup and maintenance
    • requires fewer field hands
  • no wires
  • safe
  • cost-efficient
  • no external power source
  • ease of use and implementation
  • ability to use multiple receivers
  • ability for remote monitoring
  • accurate readings
  • dependable application

WireFree systems are both safe and dependable. With no wires that could be cut (resulting in damage to the system), there’s little room for even the greenest field hand to make a costly mistake.

When looking for WireFree technology, consider products that are: field adjustable for background gas; addressable to eliminate interference with other systems; and designed to reject EMI and other forms of interference in order to avoid false gas readings

The remote monitoring capabilities that wireless gas detection provides, via radio communication, allows sensor assemblies to be setup throughout a site while the controlling monitor may be setup miles away. Alarms for notification of gas presence at the monitor, as well as at the sensor assemblies, let off-site field hands know that there’s danger at the site— before entering the premises.

Communication Options

When considering a WireFree system, there are a few basic setup and communication criteria to consider. Radio frequency options, certification requirements, and the type of antenna most suited for your application, will primarily be dictated by where the system will be setup. The radio frequency for your application will depend on several factors, particularly those required by the country in which your system will be setup (either 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz). The two most common options are 900 MHz (up to 7-kilometers line-of-site) and 2.4 GHz (up to 3- kilometers line-of-site).

No worries. We’re certified.

Countries also individually mandate the type of certifications that gas detection equipment being used in their country must have. Commonly, CSA and ATEX are required internationally. Otis Instruments’ CSA and ATEX certified WireFree sensor assemblies use one of the easiest interfaces on the market. Non-intrusive calibration allows sensor assemblies to remain in the field while being calibrated, because a hand-held magnet triggers menu switches. Sensor assemblies feature a simple three-button interface, and Stand-Alone Assemblies offer on-board relays—eliminating the need for a monitor to trigger relays/alarms. Categorized menu options on all WireFree products allow the user to go directly to the option they need to setup or modify.