Portable vs. Fixed Gas Detection Systems

Portable vs. Fixed Gas Detection Systems - Otis Instruments, Inc.

The difference between portable and fixed gas detection systems is their monitoring capabilities and limitations. Portable detection instruments can notify workers of dangerous emissions upon the entry of an affected area, while fixed instruments can provide continuous monitoring of a specific location in a workplace facility.  

Although both gas detection systems can help improve workplace safety, one may be better suited for a facility than the other. When deciding which system to use, consider the following:

What is the nature of the work?

First and foremost, when choosing a gas detection system, it is important to consider the day-to-day operations that are performed. If it is standard procedure to enter confined spaces, for example, portable instruments may be beneficial.

What hazards are present?

Within every industry, the present atmospheric hazards differ. It is important to understand the danger and risks associated with these contaminants that may be affecting the air quality. From there, the appropriate gas detection system can be implemented.

Do the hazards chronically exist?

Portable vs. Fixed Gas Detection Systems - Otis Instruments, Inc.

In every facility, it is important to recognize if the potential hazards are known to chronically exist in areas where workers are routinely present. In this case, for example, fixed gas detectors may be necessary. 

Otis Instruments, Inc. offers a wide range of both portable and fixed gas detection systems designed to maintain safety within the workplace and their surrounding environments. 

Our portable, personal monitors allow ambient air monitoring from differing locations, alerting personnel of hazardous exposures with visual, vibrating and audible alarms. Since 2005, we have specialized in WireFree fixed gas detection–an Otis-exclusive long-range self-contained battery-powered gas detection product line. In addition, our wired, fixed gas detection systems are versatile assemblies capable of detecting a variety of toxic gases. 

To learn more about our portable and fixed gas products, contact Otis Instruments today.