Advantages of Telemetry in Industrial Environments

Industrial operations and processes consist of various equipment and applications, each with specific functions intended to product an outcome. Therefore, in order to guarantee a positive outcome, these applications need to be properly monitored and managed with telemetry systems.

Advantages of Telemetry in Industrial Environments - Otis Instruments

Telemetry systems provide an innovative solution to acquiring essential data from remotely located areas within harsh industrial environments–including wastewater treatment, oil & gas, manufacturing and processing, chemical plants, and refineries.

Because these monitoring systems incorporate a unique remote monitoring feature, excessive traveling, entry into inaccessible places and unnecessary trips to the field can be eliminated. This ultimately minimizes costs and downtime while maximizing site productivity. Telemetry can also save money spent on infrastructure, equipment installation and maintenance, and software upgrades. 

Industrial operations tend to exhibit levels of hazards to both personnel and the environment. With monitoring and management systems in-place, designated personnel can receive customized alerts and notifications via text or email, allowing issues to be solved quickly and efficiently.

Advantages of Telemetry in Industrial Environments - Otis Instruments

Otis Link, a telemetry system from Otis Instruments, provides telemetry monitoring solutions that enable users to view and manage assets remotely from any location. Conveniently, multi-communication options facilitate integration of Otis Link telemetry systems with existing Otis Instruments detection products in the field, as well outsourced products. 

Utilizing wired or wireless configurations via both cellular and satellite networks, users can easily access web-based dashboards with customized reports, historically-influenced trends, real-time gas and sensor battery levels, administrative controls and high alarm notifications.

As the web portal enables viewing of one to hundreds of devices on the same screen, different models and types of monitored equipment can be displayed all at once or separated into groups based on geography, sites, equipment types and ownership–influencing maximum efficiency.

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