OI-6000 for Monitoring Emissions in Agriculture

Methane, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, and ammonia are emitted from a range of natural sources within the agriculture industry, including marshlands, livestock farming and leakage from natural gas systems. These gases may also be present in confined spaces, such as manure storage facilities and silos. 

OI-6000 for Emissions Monitoring in Agriculture - Otis Instruments

High concentrations of these gases can be explosive, lead to oxygen deficiency, cause irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract, and may even reach life threatening levels.

From a global perspective, agricultural activity is the chief source of methane emissions, as methane accounts for nearly 11 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions, according to the EIA. Methyl bromide is used as a fumigant and pesticide and is highly toxic. Exposure to methyl bromide may occur during fumigation activities–and acute and chronic inhalation can cause lung damage or neurological effects. 

In addition to protecting workers in the agriculture industry, monitoring the toxic, combustible and oxygen-deficient atmospheres is important to ensure the health of the animals and crops located on-site–ultimately promoting the economic well-being and stability of the enterprise. 

OI-6000 for Monitoring Emissions in Agriculture - Otis Instruments

The OI-6000 (The Cube) ambient air toxic gas detector provides ease of use and implementation to comply with varying demands within the agriculture industry. The Cube is a versatile assembly that uses an electrochemical, infrared or PID sensor element to detect a variety of gases. 

The assembly is wired powered (12 to 35 VDC) with a 4-20 mA analog and RS-485 Modbus outputs. It incorporates a three push-button interface with magnetic switches on an LCD screen that allow for non-intrusive calibration while in the field, as well as full system setting and diagnostics. It also features multi-colored status indicator LEDs (GREEN, AMBER, RED, and WHITE) that notify users from a distance of hazardous conditions. 

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