The Importance of Real-Time Data and Notifications in the Field

Telemetry systems transmit data from the sensor assembly to the stationary data acquisition system. This automated communication system allows data to be collected remotely and transmitted electronically for monitoring, providing up to date, real-time information between users. Here are some reasons why you should consider implementing telemetry systems in your business:

Boosts Productivity and Accuracy

The instantaneous response of real-time data and notifications from telemetry systems decreases turnover in production, resulting from the decision-making process while in the field. Consistently implementing the use of telemetry systems in your business can help workers discover efficient patterns while working and identifying lag points. 

Misleading data can affect productivity and incurred additional challenges, hurting the company’s overall bottom line. Utilizing telemetry systems creates an automation process for the creation, input, and sharing of data, decreasing the liability of human error.

Improves Management

The automation process improves not only field personnel productivity, but management as well. With instantaneous transferring of data between those in the field and management, informed decisions can be made. Decisions made from telemetry systems result in fewer mistakes.

Saves Time

Telemetry systems give users the ability to work remotely to collect and share data. The knowledge gathered can save additional, unnecessary trips to the field, saving your company money while maintaining the productivity of employees.

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