Remote Tank Monitoring

While working with various tanks, it is important to be able to track your inventory and conditions. Through transfer to a host database, this allows the user to view and manage, resulting in decreased costs associated with storage, distribution, and delivery. This process also increases operational efficiency.

The sensors placed inside the tanks assist in inventory control and gives the user an idea of how much remains. Depending on what is being stored and the type of project, there are a variety of sensors to choose from to fit your needs. One design sensor is a floating style, used for fluids that are similar to the buoyancy of water, such as fuel tanks. Another style is ultrasonic or infrared sensors, used for applications with highly-viscous materials. Besides level detection through sensors, tank monitoring can be used to determine temperature, pressure, and more. The sensors will use their technology to report the unit(s) in real-time, increasing efficiency by not having to send technicians to check the tank gauges.

Tank monitoring also involves a sending unit, such as an RTU or a secondary wireless transponder, to actively monitor specified parameters. If values fall out of the specified range, an alarm will be sent back to the master station’s location, allowing for a fast and efficient response. The master station, such as a T/Mon, is used to display the alarm specifications. It has the ability to send out alerts to all technicians necessary when there is something off with the tanks. The RTU will report tank and environmental levels to the master station, allowing the user to access the data from a remote location. This is ideal for cutting down trips to check and refuel tanks as well as being able to create an almost perfect maintenance routine to refill your tanks at the perfect time. 

Tank monitoring through remote and onsite applications gives companies a better idea in regards to maintenance, refilling practices, and overall safety from leaking exposure. Otis Instruments has a vast selection of Wired and WireFree easy-to-use, robust, and configurable gas detectors and monitors capable of detecting both toxic and non-toxic gases for diverse applications. For more information regarding gas detection systems, visit our products page. To learn more about our gas detection or tank monitoring solutions for your industry, contact Otis Instruments today!