Complete Management with Otis’ Master Controller

The Master Controller is an information system providing complete monitoring, control and management of field assets both remotely and on-site. With the Master Controller, users have access to a flexible interface and customizable master screen. Designed to meet the demanding, complex needs of any industry, this instrument allows for process equipment management, complete pump monitoring, 32-channel gas detection system management, location status at all levels, emergency shut-in and notification, on-site controls, as well as remote cellular and computer interaction.

Through Otis Link’s advanced technology and innovative strategy to create a complete controls system, numerous features are available to any operation, including:

  • PLC’s
  • HMI’s (personalized with company logo and screens)
  • Hard-wired and wireless communication (analog: 4-20 mA, 0-5V, 0-10V)
  • Secure cloud storage
  • Telemetry
  • Real-time data logging
  • Generated charts and reports
  • Alerts received by SMS text messaging or email
  • Small to large integration systems with expansion capabilities
  • AC, DC and Solar powered systems
  • Direct ethernet to internet modem and cellular communication options
  • VPN access by phone, laptop and desktop

With the implementation of the Master Controller, the user can expect comprehensive remote access and control of instrumentation and equipment, including gas detection, audible and visual signaling devices, pressure transducers, temperature sensors, flow meters, tank levels, lightning detection, weather stations, and security cameras.

With its Lan, WAN and Cellular Data collection with remote access to secure data and full-system control, the Master Controller is a true management solution for many applications and industries, including (but not limited to): Agriculture, Chemical Plants, Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Waste & Wastewater, Textiles and Pharmaceutical.

Otis Instruments offers a variety of Wired and WireFree easy-to-use, robust and configurable gas detectors. Made in the USA, our high-quality products are capable of detecting both toxic and non-toxic gases for diverse applications within industrial facilities and environments. To learn more about the Master Controller or need more specific information regarding your application, contact our team today.