Product Videos

Did you know that Otis Instruments offers product videos? These informational videos show end-users how to properly use our gas detection products.

Our Master Controller video showcases the product’s sustainability in any industry, providing customers safety within the working environments for their processes and workers. Another video discusses the various industries Otis Instruments has served to provide better safety conditions in hazardous environments. Learn more about products that provide customers with telemetry services and what products achieve that service. 

A selection of videos provides customers with visual maintenance assistance, such as the battery replacement for our OI-6900-X-X-O-2B or how to handle the battery wires for some of our products. Want to replace your sensor with a newer version? We offer a demonstration on how to do so without damaging your equipment with a step-by-step visual of which components would need to be handled during the process. 

Otis Instruments offers manuals and other resources for each product, such as what the product is best suited for and the key components and functions of the device. We also offer operational videos for some of our instrumentation so customers can better understand our products and their uses. Check out our website to view some of our product videos, or our youtube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe as well!

At Otis Instruments, safety is a top priority. We offer a variety of Wired and WireFree easy-to-use, robust and configurable gas detectors. Made in the USA, our high-quality products are capable of detecting both toxic and non-toxic gases for diverse applications. If you would like more information about a product or gas detection topic that is not available on our website or youtube channel, or need more specific assistance regarding gas detection for your application, contact our team today.