Wearable Gas Detection Technology

While PPE has not traditionally had the capabilities to help prevent human error, the latest safety innovations, such as gas detection wearables, can help provide visibility and data-driven insights, creating adaptable, proactive safety programs and establishing a behavior-based safety culture.

Wearable gas detection is designed to be worn by each individual worker while on the job site. This allows lone workers to be monitored in real-time, providing critical data points about on-site workers to off-site safety managers, including emergency monitoring.

Gas detection solutions personal to the workers are small and lightweight, ensuring that the wearer is not affected by the device in a negative manner. It will measure ambient gases so workers can be aware of potentially dangerous gas levels while working. Wearable gas detection also allows workers’ hands to be free, so safety and job performance work together rather than impeding each other. 

A connected work program for gas detection can provide the necessary visibility to manage large teams of workers and help establish a behavior-based safety environment. Connected hardware and software solutions can provide real-time data such as worker location and how the detector is being used by each worker, which can all help inform safety training. With real-time visibility of lone workers, safety managers can help ensure those workers are protected with instant alerts.

The Otis Instruments Model OI-315 TOCSIN3 Personal Monitor is a personal safety device designed to detect the presence of toxic gases in ambient air. When activated, the OI-315 continuously monitors ambient air for the presence of H2S, CO, or O2 (whichever unit-type is purchased) and alerts the user to potentially unsafe exposure with visual, vibrating, and audible alarms.

The OI-315 features an alligator clip that allows it to be worn on personnel in the field at all times, as well as: a rubber enclosure for shock prevention, water/dust proof enclosure, adjustable alarm set points, LCD display with LED backlight, data logging capability, a user-replaceable sensor element, and user-replaceable battery.

Otis Instruments also offers Otis Link services. Otis Link Automation & Controls systems provide a modernized AWS secured cloud communication system capable of tracking and delivering data in real-time, sending alerts via email or SMS text message. Connecting the user to assets via wired or wireless configurations, the user can efficiently and effectively access and control equipment remotely. Otis Link ideally integrates with existing Otis products, but can be used with other systems.

Through Otis Link’s advanced technology and innovative strategy to create a complete automation & controls system, the features listed below are possible to offer any operation:

  • PLC’s
  • Wired and wireless communication
  • Secure cloud storage
  • Telemetry
  • Real-time data logging
  • Generated charts and reports
  • Alerts received by SMS text messaging or email
  • Remote access and control of equipment
  • Small to large integration systems with expansion capabilities
  • AC, DC and Solar powered systems
  • Direct ethernet to internet modem and cellular communication options
  • VPN access by phone, laptop and desktop (with dedicated usernames and passwords)

Otis Link Telemetry systems have almost the same features as Otis Link Automation & Controls, but provides cloud-based remote industrial equipment monitoring devices and related data services. The features of Otis Link Telemetry systems listed below are possible to offer any operation:

  • Mobile access to current gas levels, sensor battery levels, alarm relays, mobile dashboards, administrative duties, and high alarm notifications
  • Automated alerts for potential problems received via call, text, or email
  • SSL connection & encrypted passwords for enhanced security
  • Administrative controls to add or remove users, limit equipment control, control alert recipients, and file storage
  • User-friendly customized reports to store and are available for delivery to necessary users
  • Access trends based on historically collected data

Safety is our top priority, so we also offer a variety of Wired and WireFree easy-to-use, robust and configurable gas detectors. Made in the USA, our high-quality products are capable of detecting both toxic and non-toxic gases for diverse applications. If you would like more information about Otis Link services or would like assistance regarding gas detection for your application, contact our team today.