Different Management Programs within Your Gas Detection Safety Plan

Companies have to ensure gas detectors work properly, are utilized correctly and have knowledge of where and when their workers are potentially exposed to hazardous gases. To achieve these ideas, there are several management styles that should be present within your gas detection safety plan: compliance, equipment, personnel, and hazards.

Compliance management allows managers to always know what’s happening within the gas detection program. It also gives users and management teams insightful data that can include monitoring behaviors, alarm events and maintenance records from the software a monitor is connected to. Otis Link’s automation & controls offer a modernized AWS-secured cloud communication system capable of tracking and delivering data in real-time. Otis Link’s telemetry is specifically designed for industrial applications, offering cloud-based remote industrial equipment monitoring devices and related data services. Otis Link services can be integrated with detection systems within Otis Instruments and systems offered by other companies. 

Equipment management involves setting schedules for bump tests, calibrations and data downloads. Companies can also view and manage calibration reports, as well as management instrument settings, updates and alerts. Otis Instruments offers various resources to help customers bump test and calibrate their instruments, and when combined with Otis Link services, can collect and download data when devices are being used. 

People management gives knowledge on how gas detectors are being used by workers. The software connected to the detection instrument can assign each worker a profile that allows companies to track who has utilized what device, as well as notifications on how they respond to alert events to review for safety program improvements. When utilizing Otis Link services, managers are able to collect meaningful information that can give better insight into the health and safety of their workers and overall productivity.

Hazard management lets managers easily review alarm summary reports spanning man-down, panic, and gas hazards along with alarm trends to help prioritize maintenance decisions. When workers use Otis Instrument’s gas detection solutions, they are instantly alerted to unsafe conditions when a gas leak is present and reaches harmful concentrations. Combined with Otis Link, managers can be notified (remotely or on-site) to ensure that workers within the area of the leak can be safely evacuated, as well as other areas and departments of the site to ensure their safety is maintained.

Once companies figure out each management style that should be incorporated into their gas detection safety plan and implement those actions, managers can use the data to empower their teams and departments to make informed safety decisions and help them be proactive. 

Safety is our top priority, which is why Otis Instruments offers a variety of Wired and WireFree easy-to-use, robust and configurable gas detectors. Made in the USA, our high-quality products are capable of detecting both toxic and non-toxic gases for diverse applications. If you would like more information about gas detection solutions for your application, Otis Link services or have a question for us, contact our team today.