Worker Distress Reduced with Gas Detection Solutions

There are many industries that utilize chemicals and toxic gases within their procedures, which can lead to certain dangers and health hazards. If not properly monitored, workers experience various symptoms, some of which are lethal, when exposed to toxic gas being used. This results in worker distress, which can ultimately lead to a negative projection in performance and productivity. 

To help reduce worker distress from hazardous gases that are used on the work site, companies should implement a gas detection system that is specific to their needs and practices for optimum worker safety. 

Otis Instruments has a vast selection of wired products to ensure fixed detection methods for areas that need continuous monitoring, such as processing and storage rooms. There are explosion- and non-explosion-proof options for our wired sensor assemblies for businesses that handle flammable and non-flammable gases, and can be used for single or multi-gas detection. Our monitors range from two to thirty-two channels depending on your needs. 

Our wireless products allow for detection in any part of the site, giving employees the confidence that they are in safe conditions whether on the field or not. Like our wired products, customers can choose between explosion- and non-explosion-proof options, and a variety of monitors and other instruments to fit your detection needs. 

We also offer three different types of flame detectors: the Omniguard 660 ultraviolet, the Omniguard 760 multi-spectrum infrared and the Omniguard 860 ultraviolet-infrared. The 660 model utilizes an ultraviolet sensor, while the 760 model possesses a multi-spectrum infrared sensor, The Omniguard ultraviolet-infrared detector has both types of sensors for very complex and potentially flammable environments, offering ultimate protection. 

Lastly, confined spaces and other areas that can be extremely sensitive to gas exposure due to little ventilation and space require portable, personal monitors to ensure the safety of lone workers no matter what the situation. The OI-315 TOCSIN3 personal monitor is a personal safety device designed to detect the presence of toxic gases in ambient air. When activated, the OI-315 continuously monitors ambient air for the presence of H2S, CO, or O2 (whichever unit type is purchased) and alerts the user to potentially unsafe exposure with visual, vibrating, and audible alarms. 

Otis Link also offers automation and controls as well as telemetry services. Otis Link automation and controls service provides a modernized AWS-secured cloud communication system capable of tracking and delivering data in real-time. Otis Link automation and controls optimally connect the user to assets via wired or wireless configurations through AC, DC or solar-powered systems to efficiently and effectively access and control equipment remotely. It also offers HMIs for on-site quick access to information and PLC control with battery backup systems that keep the end user in control of operations, even during a power outage.

Otis Link telemetry service is a modernized cloud-based monitoring system capable of delivering critical station and alarm information in real-time. Otis Link Telemetry optimally connects the user to field assets via wired or wireless configurations using both cellular and satellite networks to view and manage their equipment more effectively. It also offers a one-system-fits-all telemetry solution for all industries. Both services can be integrated with existing monitoring systems and detection devices, eliminating upgrade costs and seamless reliability.

If you would like more information about gas detection solutions for your application, implementing Otis Link services or have a question for us, contact our team today.