Omniguard 660 Ultraviolet Flame Detector

The Omniguard® model 660 UV flame detector is designed to detect unwanted fires, and output appropriate alarm information. The model 660 senses ultraviolet radiation in the appropriate wavelength for extremely fast fire detection. This instrument will sense both hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon fires, a technology that has proven itself over decades of reliable service. 

The device is available in two versions, one for standard industrial applications where a maximum operating temperature of 185°F is the industry standard, and a second which is capable of operating at a maximum sustained temperature of 257°F. The second version is especially well suited for turbine enclosure and high-temperature industrial applications. Both versions are available with an automatic self-test function to monitor the detector’s ability to sense fires and report a fault condition when impaired.

With the widest field view in the industry of 120°, the Omniguard 660 features a robust, weatherproof enclosure for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. Its improved, advanced through-the-lens self-test diagnostic feature ensures the device properly functions while maintaining its top-of-the-line abilities to perform long-range detection. Its self-contained, explosion-proof enclosure gives peace of mind in its ability to perform and alert nearby personnel of unsafe conditions. 

This ultraviolet flame detector has field configurable relays and sensitivity, as well as a state-of-the-art microprocessor control, assuring personnel in the area that they are safe. Its alarm system is a high-intensity, localized system that indicates all fires or faults, with FM, CSA, IECEx, and ATEX approvals. Otis Instruments offers an all-inclusive 3-year warranty on parts and labor. 

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