Landfill Gas Monitoring Solutions

Landfill gases are composed of a wide variety of different substances, each of which could pose a threat to workers and nearby communities. That is why it’s important for landfill site owners to monitor the emissions emanating from their facilities. 

Gases Produced By Landfills

Although specific gases produced by landfills will vary from site to site, the general composition consists of 40-65% methane and 40-55% carbon dioxide. The remaining percentage is made up of up to 5% nitrogen, alongside small amounts of carbon monoxide, ammonia, oxygen, hydrogen, and trace amounts of non-methane organic compounds, such as benzene, trichloroethane and vinyl chloride.

These gases can infiltrate their surrounding environment and cause an array of potential issues. For example, methane is present in all four alchemical elements and can be an asphyxiant to humans and animals, unbalance nutrient levels of soil and water, pose a risk of explosion, and more.

How Landfill Gases Are Monitored

In order for sites to determine the best detection methods for their worksite, managers must create parameters that need to be monitored, the type of landfill in question, the environmental conditions surrounding the site, the legislative requirements of the country, and the budget of the site owner.

Ambient air monitoring measures the concentration of gases and contaminants in the outdoor air surrounding the landfill, while indoor air monitoring measures the concentration of gases in enclosed spaces or indoor settings in the vicinity of the landfill. Both types of landfill gas monitoring are important to ensure that the emission of gases from the landfill does not endanger public or environmental health. As such, site owners must explore options for tackling each of the above types of landfill gas monitoring to comply with regulations, avoid penalization and guarantee the safety of workers (especially lone ones), residents and other interested parties in the surrounding area.

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