What is the Age of Experience?

Over the last five years, data has transformed due to the technologies available and the amount of information that can be collected. Now, the age of experience is turning that data into 3D visualizations.

In past years, companies from a variety of industries utilized technology to provide useful statistics to make sound decisions, known as the Age of Data. However, managers still struggle to make successful decisions because some of the data is so complex, it is difficult to visualize. To help better determine how to use the data collected through visualization and understanding, technology is entering a new era, the Age of Experience. 

The Age of Experience is very similar to the Age of Data, utilizing data collected from the field and safety systems to make sound decisions for the future. The only difference is when it comes to very complex situations, the data is able to transform from numbers and complex research to a visual aid that assists managers in understanding it fully. From there, managers can easily visualize how the data is affecting core aspects of the business, such as operations and safety, and make confident decisions that will better the company’s procedures and safety operations of their workers. 

The Age of Experience utilizes technology to create a future that allows operators to walk into the field and have access to all information in real-time, at any point. Consists of four aspects: capture, storage, deliver, and utilize, collected data can then be stored and turned into 3D visualizations to assist managers and other decision-makers within the company understand what exactly happens in the field. 

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