Gas Monitoring Solutions For Your Unique Needs

When it comes to gas detection and sensing technologies, it is a vast topic that can have an array of solutions depending on the industry and application. Having unique needs and requirements, Otis Instruments provides products and systems that protect your personnel, property, and surrounding community. 

Agriculture applications have a vast range of processes that require continuous monitoring of dangerous gases, such as hydrogen sulfide, methane, carbon monoxide and ammonia. To avoid the potentially deadly effects of these toxic gases, gas detection systems for personnel and their facilities can help mitigate the risk of exposure. 

Ensure environmental safety of landfill sites with state-of-the-art gas monitoring systems for CO2 and CH4. Landfills create toxic gases over time as waste decomposes, which can pose risks to working personnel as well as surrounding communities. By implementing a gas detection system suitable for landfill applications, toxic gases can be better monitored and managed.

Indoor air quality is a serious factor in the HVAC industry as poor air ventilation can result in a mass number of people becoming symptomatic from toxic gases and VOCs within HVAC systems. Implementing gas detection systems for air quality monitoring ensures that commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, and more are protected from dangerous gas leaks and VOC exposure. 

Wastewater Treatment
Water purification and wastewater treatment processes contain a wide variety of toxic and combustible gas hazards. These toxic gases can also build up in confined spaces, depleting oxygen and making those locations highly dangerous for plant personnel. Wired and WireFree gas detection monitors can be placed and carried throughout the plant to warn of potentially dangerous environments. 

With a vast amount of industries and applications needing gas detection solutions, Otis Instruments is able to provide products and systems for any specific needs and processes. We offer a variety of Wired and WireFree easy-to-use, robust and configurable gas detectors. Made in the USA, our high-quality products are capable of detecting both toxic and non-toxic gases for diverse applications. If you would like more information about gas detection solutions for your application or have a question for us, contact our team today.