About Us


Established in 1983, Otis Instruments, Inc. has been an international force in gas detection for 30 years. Founded on a commitment to quality customer service, this Texas-based company has been on a narrow path to "building a better product" since its dawning.

Otis Instruments is a manufacturer of wired and wireless (WireFree) gas detection and monitoring systems for toxic, combustible, oxygen, and carbon dioxide gases. Our traditional products are fixed gas detection systems that are wired and modbus-based. ​Otis Link is our new telemetry system used to give real-time alerts when monitoring your gas detectors.

Since 2005, we have been specializing in WireFree gas detection–an Otis-exclusive long-range self-contained battery-powered gas detection product line that is industry-certified and suitable for both domestic and international markets.

​Otis Instruments also provides: sirens, lights/strobes, calibration equipment, personal monitors, product training, and various other products and services for a variety of safety needs.

As the manufacturer of WireFree products since 2005, Otis Instruments has defined leadership while heightening the expectations of an industry.


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