OI-315 Portable Personal Monitor

TOCSIN Otis Instruments

The Otis Instruments Model OI-315 TOCSIN3 Personal Monitor is a personal safety device designed to detect the presence of toxic gases in ambient air. When activated, the OI-315 continuously monitors ambient air for the presence of H2S, CO, or O2 (whichever unit-type is purchased) and alerts the user to potentially unsafe exposure with visual, vibrating, and audible alarms.

The OI-315 features an alligator clip that allows it to be worn on personnel in the field at all times, as well as: rubber enclosure for shock prevention, water/dust proof enclosure, adjustable alarm set points, LCD display with LED backlight, data logging capability, user-replaceable sensor element, and user-replaceable battery.

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Measuring Type: Diffusion

Measuring Method: Electrochemical

Parameter Control: Front 2-switch (calibration, maintenance, alarm setting)

Operation Mode Display:

• Visual: digital LCD display, red LED

• Audible: buzzer (90 dB @ 10 cm)

Measuring Value Display: 3-digit LCD display

Alarm Display:

• Visual: alarm and status icon, red

• LED Audible: buzzer

Alarm Level Set: Programmable within detection range

Data Log: Event Log: 20 alarm events

Mounting Type: Belt clip

Programmable Set Modes: Alarm value (low and high alarm), Date and time, Calibration

Operating Temperature: -20° C to 50° C (-4° F to 122° F)

Operating Humidity: 5% to 95% RH (non-condensing)

Operating Power: OI-315-BATT (CR2, Lithium battery, 3V)

Battery Life: 1.2 years (8 hours of use per day)

LCD Size: 1.06” W x .69” H (27 mm W x 17.5 mm H)

Dimensions: 2.13” W x 3.58” H x 1.26” D (54 mm W x 91 mm H x 32 mm D)

Weight: 4.23 oz. (120 g) including battery

Approval: Ex ia IIC T4 IP67 (KGS, ATEX)

Gas Type: CO, H2S, O2, NH3

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