OI-415 Cockpit Monitor

OI-415 (Transparent)

The TOCSIN⁴ Cockpit Monitor is an advanced single gas detector specifically designed for the cockpit. Confined spaces in aircraft carriers can become a significant risk if oxygen levels are altered and CO is present. Oxygen-deficient and enriched areas create combustible domains, specifically in confined spaces. Implementing use of trusted personal gas detection instruments within the aircraft ensures continuous safety for pilots.

When selecting a cockpit monitor, it’s important to choose one designed specifically for aviation. Most home CO detectors don't alert pilots to dangerous levels of CO quickly enough and/or with alarms that are at a level loud enough to be heard over noisy engines. The TOCSIN⁴ Cockpit Monitor, however, solves both problems—it combines a rugged design and reliability with advanced sensor resolution, plus three different alert modes. Advanced micro-processing capabilities allow for quick unit configuration adjustments. The large backlit screen displays CO level in parts per million (ppm).

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  • Alerts the pilot to dangerous levels of CO in the cabin
  • Three alarm modes: audible, visual, and vibration
  • User-adjustable preset alarm points
  • Display screen continuously shows ambient air CO levels in PPM
  • Impact, dust, and water resistant (IP-67)
  • Replaceable rubber covering for shock protection
  • Alligator clip with 360° rotation
  • Data-logging
  • Continuous operation for up to 9,000 hours
  • 3 year sensor life; field replaceable sensors and filters
  • Intrinsically safe, ATEX and C / US approvals

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