OI-6200 Dual Gas Sensor Assembly with Light

OI-6200 (Transparent)

The OI-6200 Dual Sensor is a versatile assembly that uses two electrochemical, infrared, PID, or a variety of each, sensor elements to detect a variety of gases. Wired power (12 to 35 VDC with 4-20mA analog and RS-485 Modbus outputs per each control board. The OI-6200 includes an AC Power Supply with a 6-foot cord to allow for quick installation and power-up. Also included is a top-mounted strobe light and a bottom-mounted miniature buzzer to alert when any control board is detecting gas above alarm levels. The strobe light can be red, amber, blue or LED tri-light. The Remote Sensor Kit version includes 2 remoted sensor housings with 50 feet of cable per housing. When the Remote Sensor Kit version is selected, the OI-6200 is DC powered by a 25-foot cable and battery clips.

Wired Non-Explosion Proof Ambient Air Dual-Gas Detector (CO, H2S, HCN, O2, SO2, and LEL)

Part Number Formula: OI-6200-[Strobe Color]-[Remote Sensor Kit]

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Wire Powered

Standard Sensors: CO, H2S, LEL, O2, and VOC1-2K

Sensor Ranges:

CO = 0-1,000 PPM, H2S= 0-100 PPM, LEL = 0-100 %, O2 = 0-25 %, VOC1-2K = 0-2000 PPM

Display: Graphical LCD, sunlight readable (transflective), LED back-light, 160×104 resolution

Interface: Three push buttons (MENU, ADD, and SUB) per Control Board

Operating Temperature: -40° F to 158° F; -40° C to 70° C

Enclosure: NEMA 4X Fiberglass with Clear Window


• Hardware: One year (limited)

• Sensor: Varies with Gas Type, Subject to Otis Verification

Number of Sensors: Up to two

Sensor Type Options: Electrochemical, Infrared, PID, or a variety of each sensor

Gases: H2S, O2, SO2, CL2, H2, NH3, CO, LEL (hydrocarbons), and more

Remote Sensors: Kit to remote-mount the sensor 50 feet from the enclosure

Radio Type: 2.4 GHz ISM, 100 mW OR 900 MHz, 200mW

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