OI-6750 2-Wire Electrochemical Toxic Gas Detector

OI-6750 (Transparent)

The Otis Instruments, Inc. OI-6750 Series Toxic Gas Detector is a versatile assembly that uses an electrochemical sensor to detect a variety of gases. 2-Wire Loop-Powered to withstand extreme climatic conditions and harsh environments. Magnetic switches allow for non-intrusive calibration while in the field as well as full system settings and diagnostics.

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Sensor Type: Electrochemical

Power Type: Loop-Powered (2-Wire)

Operating Voltage: 12V to 35V DC

Current Draw: 35 mA Maximum

Display Screen: 102x64 Resolution Graphical LCD Screen

Product Compatibility: Gen II WireFree Transmitter (OI-5900); Gen II Wired Monitors (OI-7010, OI-7032, OI-7420, OI-7440, OI-7480)

Interface: 3 Push-Buttons (MENU, ADD and SUB); 3 Magnetic, Non-Intrusive Switches for Calibration

Temperature Range: -40 to +60 C (Varies with Sensor Type)

Wired (Analog) Output: 4-20mA (2-Wire)

Product Dimensions: 5.42 in. L x 6.03 in. W x 17.03 in. H (Max. Dimensions with Attachments)

Enclosure Materials: Aluminum Device Enclosure; 303 Stainless-Steel Sensor Housing

Total Weight: 5.75 lbs.

Product Mounting: Wall Mount (Included)

Approvals: QPS Component Certified Explosion-Proof

Hazardous Location Certification Approvals: 

Main Enclosure

Class I, Division 1, Group B, C and D

Ex db IIB Gb

Class I, Zone 1, AEx db IIB Gb

Tamb -40 C to +60 C

Sensor Enclosure

Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C and D

Tamb -40 C to +60 C

Hardware Warranty: 1-Year Limited

Sensor Element Warranty: 1-Year (Varies with Gas Type)

Part Number Formula: OI-6750-[Gas]-X-O; OI-6750-X-X-O


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