OI-7480 ProSafe 4x8


The Otis Instruments, Inc. Gen II ProSafe 4×82 Model OI-7480 is a eight (or twelve) channel gas monitor that functions as a transmission controller. The OI-7480 monitors toxic, combustible and oxygen gas levels in ambient air by receiving and displaying 4-20mA signals from up to eight (or twelve) wired sensor assemblies.

The OI-7480 features a 160×104 graphical LCD display and is equipped with four “dry contact” (Form C) 5 Amp alarm relays (with 4 Amp fuses) that are full-scale adjustable.

The OI-7480 operates with either 12-35 Volts DC or 110/240 Volts AC power-in and includes a Modbus output with optional real-time monitoring software.

The ability to display data and activate alarms in relation to readings sent from on-site sensors make the OI-7480 a truly phenomenal product in the safety realm of the gas industry.

Part Number Formula: OI-7480-[Power Supply]-[# Relays]

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Operating Voltage: 12V to 35V DC or  120V AC

Input Signal: 4-20mA


• RS-485 Modbus

• +12-35 VDC Fault Indicator

Current Draw:

• 325mA at 24 VDC (monitor only)

• 7.8 Watts Max

Channels: 8 or 12

Gases: All that are supported by Otis sensor assemblies

Display: Graphical LCD (160×104), transflective, sunlight readable, LED backlight

Relays: Four Dry Contact with 4 Amp Fuses

Protection: Power EMI filter, surge suppression, RS-485 surge suppression

Enclosure: Fiberglass with clear window

Enclosure Dimensions: 12” x 10” x 6”

Enclosure Mounting: Wall Mount

Certifications: NEMA 4 (enclosure only)

Warranty: Hardware: One year (limited)

Power: AC, DC

Channels: 8, 12

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