OI-5950 Explosion Proof Battery Powered Dual Switch State Transmitter


The Otis Instruments, Inc. OI-5950 is a WireFree Switch-State Transmitter for use in conjunction with a new or existing WireFree system.

The OI-5950 receives signals from up to two individually addressable sensors (pressure switch, temperature sensor, flow sensor, tank level sensor, etc.), and then transmits the state of (and change of state of) that switch.

Part Number Formula: OI-5950-[Radio Configuration]-X-O

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Battery Type: 19 AH

Battery Voltage: 3.6 VDC

Battery Life Expectancy: Up to 2 years

Radio Options: 2.4 GHz ISM, 100 mW 900 MHz 200 mW

Unit Address: 1-52 networks (1-78 for 2.4 GHz); 1-255 addresses per network

Radio Transmission: Every 1 minute with no change from sensor Every 5 seconds with change from sensor

Display: Graphical LCD, sunlight readable (transflective), LED Backlight, 102×64 resolution

Certifications: Explosion-proof; CSA Class I, Division 1 Groups C and D

Warranty: Device = one year (limited)

Radio Configuration: Gen II 900 MHz Radio, Gen II 2.4 GHz Radio

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